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  • About Joyl'es

    With more than 30 years professionalized in textile industry field, JOYL’ES believes in qualified fabrics & textiles can improve the quality of human life. We have been continuously bring innovations for compression socks, wellness sleeves, shape wear and functional garments ect.,


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    Joyle's Vision

    Our goal purpose is to assist textile field pioneers who has seen and lead the human's need andmarket, consistently developing new trend of innovative and featured idea by breaking through the current industrial limit in which fulfill new products more vitality and success in market.

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    Our Faith

    We believe in quality fabrics & craftsmanship together can improve the quality of human life.

  • Custom Compression Socks

    Innovation Design | Boost Your Energy | Support Comfort Sole.

  • Energy Compression Socks

    1. Unique Twill Design
    2. Graduated Compression
    3. Tape Ribbing
    4. Comfort Sole
    5. Non-Slip Cuff
    6. Seamless Toe Construction

    Production Details For This Product

  • Our Adventage



    With worldwide sourcing for new trend of technology from America, Italy, German and Japan, we bring competitive tech for best quality for development and production. We start our research both in Taiwan and China and bring innovations to customer and win in the market.


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    Innovation Team

    We bring a talented group of team willing to learn, try and challenge initiatively to give customer solutions

    ,innovations and guarantees. Through connecting people's recognition into same consensus , we could bring the effective and value-added service performance.

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    QA System

    We believes in associating emerging market needs and integrating into the industrial foundation, by innovative thinking can bring breakthrough and resolution for our valued customer. By precision device for production and accurate QA system can fulfill qualified supply chain implement.

  • Team

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    With more than 30 years experienced in textiles, specializes in organize industrial supply chain and strategies consultant

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    Both engineering and marketing development experience for brand, focus on new trend of technique and bring innovation and solutions for customer

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    General Manager

    Working with branded name with creative thinking , focuses on comprehension of customer & market needs. Connecting team for integrative fulfillment.

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    QA Manager

    Experienced textiles production line manager solving the potential issue for bulk production and build the QA system for guaranteed quality.

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    Operation Executive

    Focus for Customer services and order Administrative operations. Organize information and scheduling for performance.

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    Supply-Chain Integrate

    -Direct Access to Valued-Based certificated factories

    -Design & tech develop Capabilities

    -Quality Products with industry-leading service

    -Effective and quick sampling and production lead times

    -Community with key players in yarn supply

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    Our Partner

    With 30 years established profession, we have been working with brand names in USA, ERUOPE, JAPAN and Taiwan for developing new products, design and techniques. Certificated with FDA, ERA regulation, BSCI , WRAP, OEKOTEX-100

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    Custom Compression Socks, Sleeves and Underwear